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Live Event

Our variable seat auditorium allows for up to 400 amazing live attendees. With inspirational technology that allows for a intimate stadium experience for live and virtual guest. Enjoy our floor-to-ceiling LED walls in the center and on the wings of the stage which broadcast live comments as they roll in from each of the virtual viewer rooms. Level up with the use of a proprietary event management software that allows for complete gamification and high levels of engagement for your event. Your guest will never want to leave because there are hundreds of reasons they will want to stay, such as games, prizes, and seeing their own personal emoji engagement tool in real-time. This enables the speakers to call out and connect with your online viewing community in real time without causing them to disengage from the in-person live event audience.


Level 5 1 Day Event hosted 11 speakers and 408 live audience members, and 18,000 virtual audience members, with a fully branded venue inside and out along with custom accents such as cakes, pillow, elevated snacks, planned excursions, and more.

Theater seating with private VIP Lounge for up to 50 people.

Level 1 Richard & Laura Beheny Coupleprenuer 2023

Level 1 1 Day Event hosted 13 speakers and 150 live audience members, and 1300 virtual audience members. The room was laid out with tables for audience members to have a place to take notes and participate through the event.

Level 1 Amberly Lago Unstoppable Success Summit 2023

Level 1 2 Day Event hosted 13 speakers and 100 live audience members, and 300 virtual audience members. The room was laid out with tables for audience members to have a place to take notes and participate through the event.

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Our State of the Art Venue

No expense is spared in putting you on a million-dollar stage with the camera and sound equipment to rival personal brands that have been established for years. Seating 400 live and 19,000 people virtual, the Scoggins International space makes a difference in cutting through the noise.

Studio Examples

Enjoy this snippet of Transform U, an actual live event hosted here at The CHE Beacon Center. We have so many studios and looks that you will never be on the same set twice. We offer complete flexibility in creating an exclusive environment for you and your personal brand. Let out team help you build a “one of a kind” experience for your audience.

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Course Pro

We get it that building your first mini-course can be intimidating, but we also know if you don’t get started, you want to be able to make a difference in the lives you were specifically called to serve. This is why we created Course Creator Pro to help you have complete confidence in setting yourself apart to kick start your revenue engine and finally get your brand and business going. Course Creator pro is perfect for Free and low-cost courses.

Course Creator Premium

It is perfect for Personal Brands that are scaling their business and personal brand awareness. Course Creator Premium is more than just shooting video with great lighting; it also comes with custom B-roll, infographics, etc. It is designed for world-class thought leaders who know they are meant to serve others at scale.

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Keynote Pro

Presentation Example

It is perfect for Personal Brands that are just getting started in the speaking business but need to make sure they make an outstanding first impression to start a profitable speaking business. Enjoy the impact of a multimillion-dollar stage and equipment that most take years to get to. You go from zero fees to upwards of $5,000.00 per event simply because you care enough about your own career to show the world you were made for this.

Keynote Premium

Is perfect for Personal Brands that are leveling up their personal brand as well scaling a speaking business well into five figures per event. Your footage will help you stand along with the greats where you belong. You have an amazing message but it is our job to make sure you come across 5 figure earner every time to step foot on stage. It’s time you invested in yourself and take yourself to the next level.

Keynote Photo Premium

More Shots and More Wardrobe Changes.

Is for established Personal Brands who need a professional update to their images for their website, social, and more. Enjoy a whole host of lifestyle shots, stage shots, and professional shots showing casing you in action. Photo Premium, helps you stand out, break out, and deliver your awesomeness to the marketplace.